Northern Lights Tromsø
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The Northern Lights Bus

Natur i nord have been offering trips searching The Northern Lights for 11 years now. This year we do trips from 1st October to 1st April. On average we see the Lights about 75 % of the trips. 

We arrange daily trips but we can also design a special tour for smaller groups. 
In this region we have a fantastic nature and we wish you welcome you to join us on our tours. We are using different areas, by the coast or into the mountains. We also have tours to the Lyngen Alps. Join us, and we will take you close to the nature and the local history !

The tours are estimated for groups uptil 16 persons. For The Northern Lights trip we have 2 minibuses (16 seats). So we are maximum 32 persons on the spot.  
For larger groups we design special arrangements.

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